DELTA® AntiCor 1K Protop-HG 85

One-component high-gloss priming and finishing coat for iron, steel, alluminium, galvanized steel, old alkyd resin-based coatings etc., after the approprite pre-treatment and priming.
Can be used both in the interior and the exterior.
  • good weather resistance
  • non-yellowing
  • high gloss stability thanks to UV filter
  • active corrosion protection (use of zinc-, lead- and chromate-free corrosion protection pigments)
  • good surface hardness
DELTA® AntiCor 1K Protop-HG 85

Data sheets:

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125 ml / m² with 60 µm (dry)

Colours Mix & factory tone
Container size in litres 1 L (6 Stk.) / 2,5 L (1 Stk.) / 4 L (1 Stk.) / 10 L (1 Stk.)

Daniel Miri

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